"MomTried" Myles Smutney is a Brooklyn-based artist exploring the darker side of beauty through her silkscreen prints, pen-and-ink illustrations and mixed-media installations. Born and raised in Chicago, she received her training through brief interludes at both SAIC in Chicago and SVA in New York City. Borrowing from the iconography of classic tattoo flash and punk rock subculture, Smutney embodies the homegrown, D.I.Y. attitude.

She examines themes of mortality through reoccurring imagery, such as picturesque roses, expressive skeletons, and striking women. These momento moris embody the fragile and fleeting nature of life.
But all is not bleak in Smutney’s universe; symbols of fortune, strength, and eternal love are all woven into her compositions.

She is currently in Brooklyn and making shit happen.